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One of the most powerful things we can do to show our love for one another is gather and share in our lives with one another. Through this, we cross the divides that exist in our world and recognize our share humanity and our shared beloved nature. Through our fellowship activities, we name this and seek to truly live this way as a community, centered around our adoption as children of God through Jesus Christ.

Just to be together

Throughout the year, we hold several events for the sole purpose of being together. While we are still working on updating this new page, some examples of these events are below.

Weekly Coffee Hour: Each Sunday after service, we gather in our Parish Hall for time to sit and chat while enjoying delicious treats brought in by the folks who signed up to share that week.

Monthly Movie Nights: On the second Wednesday of most months, we gather in our Parish Hall to watch a movie together and talk afterward, sharing snacks, popcorn, and our care for one another.

Bicycle Blessing: Starting in 2023, we have an event to bless bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and more, with a presence from an area bike shop and the local precinct of the Police Department.

Fall Kickoff & Ministry Fair: Each Fall, we come back together with a special service, potluck, and a Ministry Fair to share about the different ministry opportunities at St. Mark's.

Annual Animal Blessing: Each October, in celebration of St. Francis, we gather and bless the various pets and other animals of anyone who comes.

Halloween Sppoktacular: Beginning in 2022, our annual Spooktacular is a chance for families of Mount Kisco and the surrounding area to come and hear some great 'spooky' music on our pipe organ, see a short Halloween film, and have fun and games in the Parish Hall. This takes place on the last Sunday of October.

Christmas Brunch: Each year during the season of Advent, we get together for our Parish Brunch, celebrating the season and sharing in love with the whole congregation.

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