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Altar Guild at annual Rise and Shine day

About Us

We welcome you to our community of faith and invite you to join us in a caring and welcoming community.

Our congregation includes members from many backgrounds and faith traditions, members of the LGBTQ+ community who have found comfortable inclusion, and members who have moved to Northern Westchester from around the world. Together, we love and support one another in our faith journey.


Whether you are an Episcopalian, come from an Anglican family, are a member of another Denomination or Faith Tradition, are someone who identifies as “spiritual, but not religious,” are someone who currently identifies with “no religion,” are someone looking for a place to bring up a family, or are someone who simply loves church music, we want you to feel welcome at St. Mark’s.


We firmly believe that God wants us to share God’s unconditional love with all who enter our doors, with no strings attached, and with no preconceived ideas about what people should or do believe.


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