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Ways of Giving at St. Mark's


It is never too late to make a pledge towards the support of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and its mission and ministry. Pledges help us to plan and create a realistic budget based on the contributions we can expect to receive throughout the year. We ask our pledging households to consider proportional giving. Basically, this means we invite you to consider your donation to St. Mark's as a percentage of that income, and to periodically consider whether that percentage could be increased. If we all consider stretching even just a little, the fruits of our stewardship campaign could make a real difference in the potential life and ministry of this parish.


We acknowledge the fact that some members and friends of St. Mark's have made provisions to remember St. Mark's Church in their wills or estate planning. When making these plans, we ask you to please consider the terms of your gift. At current rates, a restricted bequest of $10,000 generates about $450 a year, and a $100,000 restricted bequest generates about $4,500 a year. By contrast, an unrestricted gift of any amount can be deployed in whole or part for pressing building repairs, to initiate a new ministry, to preserve a salary for a staff member for another year or more, or to simply fill a budget or pledging shortfall for another year. Both kinds of bequests serve a useful purpose.

Time and Talent

We want to emphasize that while stewardship, while it includes the financial gifts that are necessary to keep St. Mark's going, it includes the gifts of time and talent as well. Some of our community give very generously of their time and spiritual gifts: in liturgy, music, hospitality, education, parish governance, outreach, service, and pastoral care. Others represent St. Mark's in our community outreach and ecumenical groups. Others donate their talents and practical skills. So much happens at St. Mark's because of our community members' giftedness and their willingness to share their gifts.

Please contact us if you have any questions about stewardship and giving at St. Mark's.

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