Upcoming Events
at St. Mark's

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Our last 9 am Sunday celebration of the Holy Eucharist of the summer and Fall Celebration are on September 18. Beginning September 25, we will return to a schedule of Holy Eucharist at both 8 am and 10 am on Sunday mornings.

Mark your calendars now for Sunday, September 18!

Click HERE to signup to bring food or help with the celebration.

We are also organizing a Ministry Fair as part of the celebration on September 18. Through the summer, Rev. Kyle will be working with leaders of various ministries to make sure they are set up to share about their ministries and invite folks into them during our celebrations after worship on the 18th.

Coming to Church on the 18th

With our Kickoff Celebration coinciding with the town’s annual 5k this year, we are presented with both opportunity and challenge. The opportunity is that we will be highly visible on this fun day. You are invited to arrive early to help ring bells or cheer people on as they pass by the church at the start of the run, which will finish during our Eucharist. The challenge is that Main St. will be blocked off that morning.

However, Rev. Kyle has spoken with the mayor to plan so there is not an impediment to people coming to church. The town is printing placards to place on the dash of your vehicle as you come, and the police have been told that anyone coming to St. Mark’s can come through the barricade on N. Bedford Rd. Anyone without a placard can still tell the officers they are headed here, and will be allowed through. So, while we must all come from the north, some of us taking a bit of a longer route, we will all be allowed to access the church for our worship and celebrations.

St Mark’s Football Crest.png

Beginning this fall, you are invited to Join the St. Mark's Football (Soccer) Club. We will gather regularly on scheduled Saturdays to enjoy each other's company while watching matches of "The Beautiful Game," football. We'll have tea, scones, and other fun treats as we kick back, starting in either the Library or Rector's office, and enjoy time together. 

The first two gatherings are set for September 17th and October 15th, both from 10 am to noon. All are welcome, and let Rev. Kyle if you know ahead of time you plan to attend. He'll be getting snacks the first time around, and we hope we'll get to try other people's treats along the way.