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Stewardship 2023

Our annual Stewardship Campaign for 2023 is underway.

Below, you can check out the weekly testimonials from parishioners on what stewardship means to them and what it does for the ministry of St. Mark's, both in our parish and in the community. 

For the first time, you can also submit your pledge online through this page.

2023 Stewardship Appeal



That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of St. Mark’s.


It is what sets St. Mark’s apart from other communities of faith that I have known.


I don’t recall exactly when I started coming to St. Mark’s, but I do recall the welcoming committee that greeted me—Donnie Barrand, who so graciously made me feel at home, like I belonged here, and that she cared that I was there. That I mattered. Not just another person in a pew. She took a personal interest. Something so simple, and so important. And sometimes so hard to come by in this busy life where it’s easy to focus on the next thing. 


Taking the time to be present, to tune in, to be there for one another. Donnie exemplified something vital and beautiful about St. Mark’s, about all of you. A spirit of caring and love that I experience when I come here to worship, that I experience with so many of you. And I want to thank you all for that.


I think that’s what faith is about too. Connecting with our heart, connecting with the love of God, knowing we are loved. 


Being a conduit for God’s love.


That’s the heart of Jesus’s message, for us to love one another.


St. Mark’s is all of us. Giving to St. Mark’s is a way that we nurture this community of care. By bringing our gifts, we participate in the flow of giving, knowing that giving to St. Mark’s enriches all of us. What we give prayerfully comes back to us. My giving also comes from my sense of gratitude. I am grateful for this community where we can be present with our differences while knowing that the faith we share connects us.


It means so much to me to see St. Mark’s growing in love and evolving over time. Both Angelina and Jessica, now 11 and 8, were baptized here. They have always been welcomed here and made to feel important.


Giving to St. Mark’s allows us to connect in meaningful ways to this community and beyond. To open our doors, to expand what we have to offer. And this enriches us as well.

Laurie Nisco, 10/9/2022

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